Bushido will be open on Friday November 10.

We will now start teaching:Sayoc Kali

On Wednesday nights, 8:30-9:30

& Sunday 1:00-3:00

This class is for 18 years and up.

If you have any questions, call 757-391-0321

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Sayoc Kali

“All Blade, All the Time”

Sayoc Kali is a highly evolved Bladed system developed by Pamana Tuhon Chris Sayoc . The curriculum focuses on the tactical use of multiple edged weapons in high stress environments while mastering Vital Targeting of the body and installing reflexes that are honed to perfection.  Through the use of Transition Drills, Vital Templates, Multi-Man drills, various Training Modifiers and target-specific entries against intelligent, skilled and resisting opponents the student grows from simply cataloguing the movements to full subconscious installation which can be accessed instinctively during completely random, non-choreographed engagements.

All training assumes the potential of a blade being involved in any physical attack committed with the hands and the possibility of Multiple Opponents. Efficiency and Economy of Movement are emphasized. Aggression, Initiative and Pre-emptive action are key components and Use of Force Legal Issues are addressed, ensuring that students know when they are justified in using the blade against an opponent and how to articulate the need for lethal force.

The preference of most Sayoc Kali practitioners is to be the person with the blade but confronting an opponent with a blade while unarmed is also an important part of training. Learning to deflect, control, and break the weapon bearing limb is crucial, while also striking vital targets and redirecting the blade back into the attacker’s body. There is no reason to remain unarmed versus an armed opponent if there is any weapon which can be accessed, whether traditional or improvised. To this end, finding an opportunity to transition to a weapon, whether it be knife or gun, as soon as possible is always our goal. Understanding Distance, Time and the Reactionary Gap is also very important. When the threat is close enough or a surprise, immediately going for your weapon can get you killed. Utilizing unarmed tactics in such situations is necessary to keep you alive long enough to get your weapon into the fight.

If you are aware of the deadly threats that criminals can pose against law abiding individuals and their families and if you are willing to invest the time and effort necessary to prepare yourself to meet such dangers, then you are a good match for Sayoc Kali.

Come Check us out: Wednesday nights from 8:30-10 pm and Sundays from 1-3pm (often later).

Mike Duke is an Apprentice Instructor in the Sayoc Kali system and the Lead instructor for the Hard Target / Bushido Sayoc

Kali Training Group, forming a partnership with Bushido MMA to bring Sayoc Kali to our students and to others in the Hampton Roads area as well.

Contact the office for more info on class costs. For further information on Sayoc Kali visit sayoc.com.

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