Bushido will be open on Friday November 10.

Did you know?? Mixed Martial Arts can help develop & improve eye/hand coordination, cardio & core strength, for all athletes!  Punching & kicking specifically from our Muay Thai program helps improve your baseball/softball player's throwing & swinging; soccer players striking ability; and football players will strengthen their stance & improve endurance.  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & wrestling can help with real life resistance & pressure.  Each student will get to learn mixed martial arts, gain confidence, make friends, stay active, be disciplined, become a better athlete, & a member of society! Help your athlete get into shape this summer! Below are the dates we have available, if you would like more information, please call 757-391-0321.

BJJ, June 22-26, Ages 4 & 5 (deadline to sign up is June 15th)

MT, July 6-10, Ages 6-12 (deadline to sign up is June 29th)

BJJ, July 20-24, Ages 6-12 (deadline to sign up is July 13th)

MT, Aug 3-7, Ages 6-12 (deadline to sign up is July 27th)

MMA, Aug 10-14, Ages 13-17 (deadline to sign up is Aug 3rd)

BJJ, Aug 17-21, Ages 6-12 (deadline to sign up is Aug 10th)

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