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  • A Visit from Professor Marcello

    A Visit from Professor Marcello

    We want to thank Professor Marcello, a 3rd degree black belt and owner of Pace Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy, for taking time to visit Bushido where he shared his Jiu Jitsu experience, perspective, and passion. Kids and adults packed Bushido to intently listen, learn, and practice techniques taught by Professor Marcello. Before class ended, Professor Marcello took time to express how lucky we are to train at a facility that encourages culture inclusivity, taking care of one another while training, and being selfless for our team. Needless to say, everyone in attendance trained, rolled, laughed, and walked away with some new moves. We want to wish Professor Marcello and his family a safe trip ....

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  • Over Under Pass

    Over Under Pass

    Guard passing is a fundamental skill of jiu jitsu that every person should learn and perfect. One of the best guard passing techniques is the over under pass. This technique is an effective pressure guard pass disabling your opponents hips and, if performed correctly, makes it difficult for them to move or escape. Last Thursday night, students were instructed on one way this pass can be performed. Below are the steps for one version of the over under pass and they are: Get into a kneeling position with your feet shoulder-width apart. Place your right arm over your opponent's right leg and your left arm underneath their left leg. Keep your elbows close to your body and your ....

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  • Muay Thai Belt Testing

    Muay Thai Belt Testing

    Friday, July 14 th was an exciting night for Muay Thai students as they were able to display that they have mastered new skills and techniques for advancement toward their next belt level. Muay Thai has 9 belt levels; white, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, red, brown, and black. Belt testing is not a one-size-fits all as requirements for advancement will vary from studio to studio but there are some general principles common to most belt testing programs. These principles include students being able to demonstrate mastery of skills and techniques relevant to their current belt level, showing they have a good understanding of the Muay Thai principles, and applying skills and ....

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  • Knee Shields

    Knee Shields

    In Muay Thai, it is important to learn how to defend against kicks which can be powerful and cause serious injury. One of the best techniques to use is the knee shield as it can be used by experienced fighters as well as beginners. On Wednesday, students learned how to properly execute the left, cross, and right knee shield. Some tips to remember when learning this move are the following: keep the core engaged and your body weight centered, bring your knee up as high as possible without sacraficing your balance, flex your foot and point your toes, keep your arm on the same side as the raised knee extended to help protect your head and body, and practice performing this move from different ....

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  • Mock Pans Tournament

    Mock Pans Tournament

    On July 8th Bushido hosted a Mock Pans Tournament that brought together students from schools all over Hampton Roads. Students had the opportunity to compete with one another in a safe and supportive environment using the rules and regulations of the Pan Kids Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation) Championship held in Florida. We are proud of the students accomplishments and wish everyone good luck at the competition! ....

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  • Muay Thai Is Not Just About Punches and Kicks

    Muay Thai Is Not Just About Punches and Kicks

    Muay Thai is a martial art that uses your entire body as a weapon. You are not just learning to kick and punch but also how to defend yourself against strikes, to grapple, and to use your surroundings to your advantage. Additionally, you learn discipline, focus, and mental toughness that can be used to help you in any situation, not just physical confrontation. Those skills will develop your character through Muay Thai while reducing stress, improving physical fitness, and increasing self-confidence. ....

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  • Ladies of Jiu Jitsu

    Ladies of Jiu Jitsu

    Whether it is to get away, roll with their friends, get a workout in, or a different reason these powerful ladies come together to train jiu jitsu a couple of times a week. They are learning self-defense, improving physical fitness, and building confidence while forming camaraderie and finding their inner warrior. The women and ladies in jiu jitsu are just as strong and capable as their male counterparts competing at the highest levels and inspiring other women and ladies to begin their jiu jitsu journey. ....

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  • Principles Of Black Belt

    Principles Of Black Belt

    The Muay Thai class is reciting, "As a dedicated student to the martial arts I will live by the principles of Black Belt; modesty, integrity, courtesy, self-control, perseverance, and indominable spirit." These principles are common to all martial arts and build a foundation for a strong character. When students learn to live by these principles, they become better people who are more likely to be successful in school, their careers, and their relationships. Students are learning important life skills while gaining physical competence like improved fitness, increased flexibility, and better coordination. ....

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  • NAGA Competition

    NAGA Competition

    Congratulations to our children who competed, June 10 th at the NAGA (North American Grappling Association) competition in Virginia Beach. Their dedication and hard work paid off as the kids took home a total of 25 gold, 17 silver, and 8 bronze medals making it a pretty successful day. ....

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  • Bag Class

    Bag Class

    we are always having a good time throwing elbows! The guys are having a great time training together on their first adult bag class of the new year! Bag classes are offered every Tuesday and Thiraday from 5:30pm-6:30pm! ....

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  • Kids Advanced Class

    Kids Advanced Class

    you must be a gray belt or 8 years old with an orange stripe to get access to our kids advance class! Tonight they are working on deep half guard! ....

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  • Combat Club Classic

    Combat Club Classic

    these 4 kids, Liam Gahagan, Mason Gahagan, Marlee Harris and Peyton Harris traveled to New Bern, NC for their first competition of the year! What a way to start the year! 6 Golds and 1 Silver! Also leaving with 2nd Placed in Overall Youth!! Not only are these kids teammates they are friends and BJJ has brought them even closer!! ....

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  • No Gi

    No Gi

    No Gi classes wvery Wednesday Night with Coach Tien!! ....

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  • Student of the Week-1-Chase Hamilton

    Student of the Week-1-Chase Hamilton

    Meet Chase Hamilton! Chase has been training With Bushido MMA for 3 months in the Big Kids class. He has earned atudwnt of the week for stepping in and helping the younger kids in their training. He is a wonderful training partner and works hard! We expect to see great things from him! Chase says his favorite part of BJJ is being able to be friendly after fighting his friends! Congratulations Chase! ....

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  • New Gray Belts

    New Gray Belts

    congratulations to these kids who have been training and put in over 100 classes and earned their gray and white belt! Jaimison Combs, Peyton Harris, and Breana Louer. Mason Gahagan has been training since he was 3 years old has earned his solid gray belt with over 200 classes of training! Comgratulations kids i know we will see great things from you!! ....

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  • Happy New Year

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year from Bushido MMA! You may be wondering how we are utilizing all of our new mat space. Tonight we had little and big kid classes. Adult beginner class followed with 10 5 minute rounds for advance class. Come check us out and all the fun things we are doing this year! ....

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  • Sneak Peek

    Sneak Peek

    its a work in progress but we are adding more mat space! We have removed some walls and are adding 7 more classes to our current schedule! Muay Thai and BJJ will now be offered everyday Monday-Friday! Come check us out and join with our New Years Special Discount! ....

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  • Women’s Only Class

    Women’s Only Class

    coming to Bushido MMA on Wednesday nights from 730-830pm we will be offering a womens only class instructed by Black Belt Professor Colleen. Come out and check it out and you will not leave disappointed! ....

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  • Father Daughter

    Father Daughter

    After finding New Hope Regeneration Professor Alan received stem cell therapy and can now roll with Professor Colleen. Professor Alan will be competing at Adult Pans in Florida in March 2023. ....

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  • Adult BJJ Class

    Adult BJJ Class

    Our Adult BJJ trainees after putting in some work on the mat! You will see our instructor Professor Alan (center left) who has been practicing BJJ for over 28 years and has dedicated all of his time to spreading his knowledge and perfecting his craft. We have belts of all colors on the mat so if you are wondering if you are good enough or ready to start BJJ, just remember a white belt is a black that never quits! ....

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  • Adult Muay Thai Testing

    Adult Muay Thai Testing

    Adults: Congratulations on earning your new rank! Aiden Carreiro-Yellow and Long Chuong-Yellow Christian Brooks-Orange Danyka Smith-Green Ashton Brooks-Blue Michael Hughes-Purple-1 Charlotte Devers-Red-1 ....

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  • Kids Muay Thai Belt Testing

    Kids Muay Thai Belt Testing

    On Friday Decmber 16, 2022 we had 15 kids and 7 adults promoted to the next belt. Congratulations on all your hard work. Kids: Bentley Mick-Yellow, Carson Hirata-Yellow, Dawn Terry-Yellow, Ileana Meister-Yellow, Landyn Jewett-Yellow, Logan Stanley-Yellow, Milena Meister-Yellow, and Ruari Sanger-Yellow. Eric Cote-Orange, Ethan Cote-Orange, Evan Cote-Orange, Hayleigh Terry-Orange, and Lucas Walton-Orange. Eric Liang-Green Jack Slezak-Blue ....

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  • Back Escapes

    Back Escapes

    Tonight the kids class focused on escaping the back position. With 25 students in class tonight’s position training was a huge success. ....

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  • Six Blades In House Competition

    Six Blades In House Competition

    on December 3, 2022 we had 3 gyms affiliated with Six Blades which included Bushido MMA, Journey Jiu Jitsu, and Ben Eaton Jiu Jitsu come out and get some competition training in. Lots of matches with single elimination in NoGi and double elimination in Gi! Featured here on our firet place podeium is Trevor Styron who has just earned his blue belt this year and went undefeated in our in house competition! We also did a fundraiser for our kids who will be traveling to Florida in July 2023 for Pans! We were able to raise 700.00 due to everyone’s generosity!! ....

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  • Newest Black Belt to the Bushido MMA Family

    Newest Black Belt to the Bushido MMA Family

    congratulations to our newest Muay Thai Black Belt! Braden Batista who joined Bushido when he was just 10 years old working his way all the way up to Black Belt at the age of 18. Braden (featured middle) has joined the Air Force and we wish him all the luck in his future endeavors and cant wait to see him back in the gym! ....

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    featured here are Raiden, Ethan, Noah amd Eric. Our Muay Thai students have been working hard on their training and it has paid off! Raiden and Noah placed 1st im their division and Ethan and Eric placed 2nd in their division! Great job Kids! thank you to Kru Greg, Kru Blair and Charlotte for all of your hard work!! ....

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  • Youngest Muay Thai Student

    Youngest Muay Thai Student

    welcome Addyson Gahagan to the Bushido MMA family! Addyson has grown up watching her brothers train BJJ amd has decided to take on a passion of her own in Muay Thai! At just the age of 4 she has been in the gym watching everyone train since the age of 2! She was ready for this moment receiving her white belt! ....

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  • Wednesday Night Sparring

    Wednesday Night Sparring

    Wednesday nights are for sparring! Here is one of our students, Raiden (purple belt), doing a rear kick in a sparring match. ....

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  • September Kids Belt Promotions

    September Kids Belt Promotions

    On September 1, 2022 Niah Koch, Judah Koch, Lysander Koch, and Liam Gahagan earned their gray and white stripe belt. Jamison Combs and Kyleigh Cobb earned their white and orange stripe belt. Alexander Henderson earned his white and yellow stripe belt. Great job kids!!! ....

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  • AGF Chesapeake Va 2022

    AGF Chesapeake Va 2022

    Congratulations to our kids and teens for placing 2nd. We brought home alot. Whether it be in medals or learning something from our matches. We are incredibly proud of our kids for putting in the hard work to make this possible. ....

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  • Blue Belt Testing

    Blue Belt Testing

    its a long tough road from white to blue! Those who put in the work has earned their blue belt! Congrats!! ....

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  • Tuesday Night De La Riva

    Tuesday Night De La Riva

    It’s always a great time when black belt Professor Colleen comes in to teach the kids advanced class. Tonight the kids worked on Balloon Sweeps and Triangles from the De La Riva Guard. ....

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  • Grappling Industries Va Beach 2022

    Grappling Industries Va Beach 2022

    Congradulations Six Blades Kids on your hard work placing 2nd at Grappling Industries. With a total score of 1686. Wins 51 and loses 41. Bringing home 7 Gold, 15 Silver and 6 Bronze as a team! We had a great turn out. Our newly promoted grey/white belt Tristan Bonney placed 1st in the Gi division. Competing at an intermediate level 10-11 year olds and -75lbs. Liam Gahagan had a total of 10 matches between Gi and No Gi and went undefeated in his brackets competing in Beginner at 6-7 year olds and -65lbs. ....

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  • PANS


    way to go Timur Pichardo on your win (bronze) at the most prestigious IBJJF competition that is held every uear. Only those with colored belts may attend this competition and fight some of the best trained kids! ....

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  • Summer Competition Camp

    This week-long camp is meant to help students (ages 5 and up) on our team prepare for the upcoming competitions and spend some good quality time together as a team! It will be run by Black Belt Professor Colleen Sorey. If your child is not going to compete just yet, that does not mean they cannot join us to learn and grow. This camp will be packed with technique, drilling, rolling, games, and workouts. We will talk about competition mindset and etiquette as well. This will be held July 11-15 2022 from 9am-12pm at Bushido MMA. ....

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  • Movie Night June 2022

    Bushido MMA now offers movie night once a month for members, their friends and just anyone who wants to join in our fun. We held our first ever movie night on June 25, 2022 and had 17 kids sign up and join in. Hours are 6pm-9pm for only 25.00 a child with sibling discounts available. School is out and kids still need socialization. Bring them by Bushido for fun, music, pizza, and popcorn. The first movie night we showed The Bad Guys. Stay tuned for July which will be held on the 23rd. ....

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  • Muay Thai Belt Testing 6/17/2022

    On June 17 Muay Thai held belt testing at Bushido MMA. Thiose in attendance were 7 adults and 12 kids. Congradulations on your hard work and dedication. Adults: Christian Brooks promoted to yellow belt. Daniel Lee promoted to Yellow belt. Caleb Plaza-Velez promoted to yellow belt. JJ Park promoted to orange belt. Danyka Smith promoted to orange belt. Shin Thant promoted to green belt. Charlotte Devers promoted to red belt. Kids: Blake Barnhart-Bergeron promoted to yellow belt. Aiden Bergeron promoted to yellow belt. Ayden Cortista promoted to yellow belt. Madison Delgado promoted to yellow belt. Jovani Orozco promoted to yellow belt. Makai Powell promoted to yellow belt. ....

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  • Sunday Funday

    Sunday Funday

    sunday Fundays are exactly what they are! Come in and check us out for some question and answers, position training and live rolling! Its sure to be a good time with no filtered music and lots of fun! Early enough to still make it to church after! ....

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  • NAGA 2022 Virginia Beach

    On June 11, 2022 Naga came to Virginia Beach, Va. We had a total of 25 kids, teens and adults compete. Six Blades placed 4th overall in kids/teens. Great job to all of our competitors. Here is our list of Gold medal winners!! Shelby Lazarus Reese Bonney Jaimison Combs Timur Pichardo Gavin Finney Mason Gahagan (won 2 golds) Tristan Bonney (won 4 golds) Raiden Cowfer (won 2 golds) Peyton Harris Carson Junkins (won 2 golds) Daisy Junkins Thomas Spry (won 2 golds) ....

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  • American Grappling Federation Richmond 2022

    American Grappling Federation Richmond 2022

    For the first time ever American Grappling Federation came to Richmond, Va on May 21, 2022. We traveled with 11 competitors; Natalie Banty, Jaimison Combs, Raiden Cowfer, Cody Ervin, Cole Ervin, Liam Gahagan, Mason Gahagan, Carly Parker, Zach Phillips, Sage Saunders, and Trevor Styron. We brought home 3rd place for Kids in Gi and No Gi. Six Blades showed up and shined bringing home 12 golds, 6 silver and 3 bronze. We are ready for AGF coming to VA Beach in August 2022! ....

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  • NAGA Worlds 2022

    NAGA Worlds 2022

    On April 24, 2022 we had 16 kids travel to Morristown, NJ to compete in NAGA for a world championship. Among them 14 kids were; Thomas Spry, Carly Parker, Liam Gahagan, Mason Gahagan, Daisy Junkins, Carson Junkins, Penelope Bocanegra, Cole Ervin, Cody Ervin, Sunny Hardin, Natalie Banty, Maverick Couch, Kyleigh Cobb, Scarlett Reid, Emma Seaward and Jaimison Combs. They won a total of 7 World titles and earned a total score of 1500 points. Six Blades brought home the 1st place team award in kids/teens division. To watch these kids/teens train and see that their hardwork, dedication and passion is rewarding in itself. Great job Six Blades!!! ....

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  • Kids Martial Arts and Muay Thai Kickboxing in Portsmouth!

    Check out our new website for Bushido Mixed Martial Arts Academy!
    We proudly serve the Portsmouth, Chesapeake, and Suffolk areas! Come see the programs and deals we have to offer. Kids Martial Arts, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and SO MUCH MORE! Fill out the "Request Information" form on the side of the page and stop in for a visit today! Don't forget to click below to visit us on our social media pages!! Facebook Instagram ....

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    We would like to congratulate all of our Muay Thai students who tested today! For our Kids testing we promoted five students to Yellow Belt, one student to his Orange Belt, and one student to his Purple 1 Belt! For our Adults we promoted one of our students to Yellow Belt, one student to his Green Belt, one to his Blue Belt, one to his Purple Belt, and one student to her Purple 1 Belt. We are very proud of all of our students for training hard and always giving it their best! Congratulations Bushido MMA Muay Thai team for earning your new ranks! SHARE ....

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    Thomas Blair fought his third Pro MMA Fight with Conquest 10 Fight League and won by unanimous decision! His new record as a Pro is 3-0. Blair fought a long hard fight in the hometown of his opponent and came out victorious! First Place in hostile territory!!! Congratulations Blair!!! We are so proud of you, and we are thankful to have such a well rounded fighter on our team! SHARE ....

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    We are proud to say that out of only six competitors from Bushido Jiu-Jitsu Team we took home 3 Gold Medals , 2 Silver Medals , and 1 Bronze Medal! Congratulations to Our Professor Alan Merullo for winning the Gold in the Master 3 Black Belt Ultra Heavyweight Division! Erin Aragon for one gold and one silver in women's blue belt divisions. Zac Stikeleather for gold in mens blue belt. Colleen Merullo with one silver and one bronze medal in women's purple belt divisions. SHARE ....

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    Muay Thai testing was a huge success! It is an honor to see our students grow and progress! We would like to congratulate three kids and one adult who tested tonight. Keep up all of your hard work!!! Kids:
    Braeden Reynolds- Green Belt
    Jeffrey Reed- Green Belt
    Braxton Sims- Purple Belt Adults:
    Andrew Tripp- Yellow Belt SHARE ....

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    Colleen Merullo explains how easy it is to get started on a new and exciting path of fitness at Bushido Family MMA. Colleen is a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jui-Jitsu, an instructor and an active MMA competitor. Come visit Bushido Family MMA to learn more about the exciting self-defense and fitness classes we have to offer. Colleen along with the rest of the Bushido Family are always ready to show you around and answer any questions you may have! SHARE ....

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    Bushido Student William Clarke takes Gold at the 2017 IBJJF Masters World Championship in Vegas!!! Blue Belt Master 6 division. William is the perfect example of discipline and hard work! At 57 years young , still spry as a boy! We are proud to add him to our list of champions! Congratulations William! SHARE ....

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    Bushido Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Team brought 5 children to US Grappling on Sept.16th 2017. Out of the five competitors they took home 4 gold medals, 3 silver medals, and 1 bronze medal in gi and no-gi divisions! Great job and congratulations to these young champions! Let us help make your children confident champions on and off the mats!!! Call now 757-391-0321 SHARE ....

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    Bushido MMA and it's extended Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu family had an excellent showing at this past weeks NAGA Championship in, Virginia Beach. Out of our five Bushido kids who competed we brought home 3 gold medals ,and 6 silver medals in gi and no gi divisions!! Out of six Bushido Adult competitors, we took home 3 gold medals, 3 silver medals , and two Bronze medals in gi and no gi divisions!! Including two Championship Belts for Womens Purple / Brown Belt Division and Directors Expert No-Gi Division!! Come and join this family of Champions in a safe and fun environment!! Give us a call at 757-391-0321 to schedule an introductory week of unlimited training for only $19.99!! ....

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    This past Saturday night at the Norfolk Scope in front of the hometown fans Thomas Blair won his 2nd professional MMA match by unanimous decision in another very exciting fight!!! The local fan favorite continues to have a bright future ahead!! Congratulations Coach Blair!!! t SHARE ....

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    We are very sorry for any inconvenience, but we are having a problem with our phone line. This issue will be fixed around 5pm on June 21,2017. If you have any questions or would like to get some more information about our gym please email bushidomma2013@gmail.com. Feel free to stop in, and we would be more than happy to help you reach your training goals! Thank you Colleen Merullo ?Bushido MMA Front Desk SHARE ....

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    After a stellar amateur Mixed Martial Arts career Spartyka Hall of Famer "Handsome" Thomas Blair wins his pro debut in Mannasass Va. with the Strike Off pro organization this past weekend in an impressive show of skill, and heart, Thomas won a unanimous decision!! We look forward to see what the future holds for this incredible young man!! SHARE ....

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    Monday through Friday only $350 for a full four weeks!!!
    ? ? ? When: July 17-21 (BJJ), July 24-28 (MMA), July 31-Aug 4 (BJJ), Aug 7-11 (MMA) Times: 9am to 12pm Mon-Fri Includes: Each day there will be 3 hours of specialized first class instruction, fun activities, 1 snack & 2 drinks each day, Gi and/or t-shirt and mma gloves Price: $200 for one week, $275 for two weeks, $325 for 3 weeks, and $350 for all four weeks! Mixed martial arts can help develop & improve hand/eye coordination, cardio & core strength, for all athletes! Each student will get to learn mixed martial arts, gain confidence, make ....

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    We had the honor of having Dorian Price, Pro Muay Thai fighter teach an amazing seminar at our academy! His record is 38-15 and he is ranked top 25 in the world super middleweight by WBC!!! Dorian trains and lives in Thailand and had so many great techniques to share with our students! Pause SHARE ....

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    Our friend Matt Van Buren is here just for this weekend and is stopping in for our no-gi class tonight at 7pm for any students or friends who want to come train . He is also setting up scheduled privates and semi privates this Sunday for anyone who may be interested. Open to all affiliations. SHARE ....

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    A huge congratulations goes out to all of our kids and adult Muay Thai students who tested last week!!! It's so great to see our students grow and progress after all of their hard work! SHARE ....

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    The next Bushido Jiu-Jitsu Challenge is set for Saturday February 18th 2017!!!! This competition has been a successful addition to the local BJJ scene several years now with great prizes and epic matches!!! Gi and No-Gi!! Kids and Adults!! Kids will be points competition and Adults will be sub only format!!! We are using ibjjf rules for the most part in the gi. In no gi intermediate and up toe holds and knee bars will be allowed. We will conduct a rules meeting before the competition starts. Adult matches are submission only with a 20 min time limit. In the case nobody submits in twenty minutes there is a coin toss. The winner of the toss moves up the bracket. There is a ....

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    We are proud to announce the promotions of Corey Young, Ryan Strickland, and Sage Saunders to the high rank of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Brown Belt !! Colleen Merullo also received her Purple Belt in a fantactic gathering of Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu Affiliates this past Saturday!! ....

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    The next Bushido Jiu-Jitsu Challenge is set for Saturday February 18th 2017!!!! This competition has been a successful addition to the local BJJ scene several years now with great prizes and epic matches!!! Gi and No-Gi!! Kids and Adults!! Kids will be points competition and Adults will be sub only format!!! Ninja stars for all first place kids!! New Da-Firma Gi's for all Adult Absolute winners White to Brown Belt!! $100 dollar cash prize for Men's and Women's No-Gi Absolute Division! Black Belts compete for free with a chance to win a $250 dollar cash prize and this years title trophy!!! Greg Walker is the current Black Belt Champion! Black Belts and School owners please share this ....

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    12 Week Women's Only Self Defense And Awareness Course! Starting January 14th 2017. Pre-registration price is only $99!! A comprehensive curriculum designed to help women prevent sexual assault and much more! Basic self defense and awareness is a must for all women! This Course is guaranteed to be fun, and informative for all!! Finish the course confident and ready for many worst case scenarios!! Call now to enroll! Space is limited!! 757-391-0321 SHARE ....

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