Kevin Parker in Portsmouth - Bushido Mixed Martial Arts Academy

Kevin Parker

Kevin Parker started Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with Professor Alan Merullo in the Fall of 2004. He would earn his black belt in the Fall of 2016. That 12 year journey from white belt to black belt was filled with many opportunities, challenges, and genuine friendships. Kevin added a new jiu-jitsu class to the schedule in 2008, teaching four and five year old kids; a class that continues today with new instructors and great success. He has trained jiu-jitsu while raising two children, completing two Masters Degrees, and maintaining his career as an Environmental Scientist with a regional wastewater utility. 

Kevin’s jiu-jitsu philosophy would go something like this, “don’t give up, just keep going when it gets tough, never stop learning, be kind to everyone, and be a better person today than you were yesterday.”

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